As a Community Pool Service employee, you have access to discounts and rewards from thousands of vendors through Working Advantage. Click the link below to register.


Working Advantage

If you don’t already have a member number, contact our office for details.


Apply, interview and get all your paperwork turned in before February 28th and you’re eligible for our Early Hire Bonus**!!!

*You must be fully certified or register for a certification class with all paperwork completed and turned in by February 28, 2017 and you must work  all three days of Memorial Day Weekend (5/26-5/29). Not applicable for J1 and H2B students.

Apply today!! 1-800-966-2500



Do you know someone who might be interested in a summer job as a lifeguard? Refer a friend to our company
for summer employment and get a bonus!

For each certified lifeguard you refer to us you will earn more and more money.

 1st Guard= $25, 2nd=$35, 3rd= $45, 4th=$55, 5th=$65……etc. For each additional referral the bonus goes up $10 (ex. refer 10 guards your bonus will be $700!)

 To qualify for the bonus the following requirements must be met:

-Referred guard is fully certified or completes one of our training classes

-Referred guard is fully hired with all required paperwork

-Referred guard must be a new hire

-Referred guard starts working

To receive this bonus you must be fully hired with all required paperwork completed and visit to request your referral bonus once all requirements have been met. There is no limit on number of referrals.


We will pay you back $100 of your lifeguard training costs or $50 of your pool ops training cost if you refer a friend to take a class with us. Once your friend has at least passed the prerequisite course contact our office and we will refund your $100.

*Training cost will only be refunded if you take a class with CPS and if you are fully hired with all required paperwork completed. Referred guard must be a new hire.  You cannot claim both the training and referral bonus on the same person, it can only be one or the other.



Do you want to see yourself on our Facebook page or website? Send in your favorite summer photos for a chance to be featured and win money! Please email your photos to by September 7th.

The top three winners will win:

1st Place= $100, 2nd Place= $50 and 3rd Place= $25

Need ideas for pictures?

  • Guards in uniform at the pool, with patrons or performing daily tasks
  • Take a picture wearing your Lifeguard wristband or uniform while traveling or during summer activities


  • Safety is our #1 priority; only take pictures when you are off duty or on break. Never leave the pool unattended.
  • Submit written consent from anyone in the pictures
  • Follow all CPS policies located in your employee handbook while taking the pictures
  • Smile and have fun!

Winners will be announced via email September 21st.