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Community Pool Service offers seasonal and year-round employment opportunities for individuals 15 years of age and up. Available jobs include full and part time positions. Begin your aquatics career or continue to develop your skills and knowledge with Community Pool Service.

Positions are available in the District of Columbia (DC), Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA) and West Virginia (WV) areas.

Available job opportunities include:

We are looking for passionate professionals (and soon-to-be professionals) that care about the safety and quality of life. As an experienced employer, we are committed to your professional growth.

Grow Your Skill Set

We’ll set you up with professional, life-saving training programs:

  • CPR Training- This emergency procedure will extend life until normal breathing and blood flow can be reestablished. It is a valuable skill for anyone, and is practiced by the military and emergency medical personnel worldwide.
  • First Aid Training- First aid is simple, but the potentially lifesaving techniques are used to initially treat illness or injury. Learn how to prevent, recognize and properly deal with emergencies that arise.
  • Lifeguard Training- American Red Cross certified lifeguard training builds skills to help you protect the safety of guests, in and out of the water.
  • AED Training- Portable automated external defibrillator allows the heart to reestablish its regular rhythm in a cardiac emergency. You will be trained to operate the device and identify situations where an AED is needed.

You can take these skills and certifications onto your next job or career, regardless of the field of type of work. Add another dimension to your resume:

  • Leadership – gain leadership skills by managing, scheduling and supervising lifeguard staff and assistants and providing work related guidance.
  • Team building/teamwork – work as a functional member of the group by mastering emergency preparedness procedures and techniques.
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution – help guests and employees overcome possible disputes with conflict resolution. Use your problem solving skills to provide alternatives to use with limited equipment at pool facilities.
  • Emergency and crisis management – learn how to keep calm in emergency situations by practicing critical skills and in-service training.
  • Customer service and hospitality – your smile, good attitude and attention to detail ensure our patrons and guests have a safe, clean and enjoyable pool experience all summer.

Grow Your Bank Account

  • Community Pool Service offers competitive compensation that is higher than industry standards.
  • Refer your friends to become lifeguards with us. If you recommend a lifeguard or someone who becomes a lifeguard, you’ll get a bonus!
  • We offer bonuses based on your work performance.

Grow with Us

Most of the managers and staff at Community Pool Service started as lifeguards. When we become acquainted and familiar with talented individuals, we like to help them advance their careers with us. Some of the jobs available for a motivated person include:

  • Area Supervisor
  • Assistant Regional Manager
  • Lifeguard Instructor
  • Head Guard/ Pool Manager
  • Recruiting and Staffing Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Service/Construction Technician
  • Regional Manager
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Accounting Clerk

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