Service and Construction

Since 1977, Community Pool Service has provided a large variety of swimming pool repair, pool renovation, pool construction and pool part installation services. Please review the service menu below and let us know if you have any questions by calling 1-800-966-2500 or by requesting a bid.

  • Spa Repair

    Spa Repair

    Community Pool Service has professionally trained service technicians that are able to service, troubleshoot and repair many of the common spa controls and spa packs used in hot tubs available […]

  • Heaters

    It is always important that your pool be comfortable. Through the use of a heater, the temperature of the pool can always to set to what appeals best to the […]

  • Dri-Dek


    Community Pool Service can offer you a solution for those wet floors in the bath houses, pool decks, locker room floors, showers, spas or any other place that get wet […]

  • Slides

    Swimming Pool Slides

    Let Community Pool Service add more fun to your pool by installing a water slide for your home pool, commercial pool or aquatics facility. There are many different styles to […]

  • Lane Ropes

    Lane Ropes

    Community Pool Service can help your swim team or aquatics facility acquire new competition lane ropes to replace those dingy old ones. These ropes come in a variety of colors […]

  • Rail Goods

    Community Pool Service is very safety-minded and knows it is important to keep such items as pool ladders, handrails, diving boards, lifeguard chairs and ADA-compliant lifts in the most ideal […]

  • Winterization Services

    When you need someone to help you close your pool down for the winter, think of Community Pool Service and our professional service technicians. We can lower your water level […]

  • Solar Cover

    Solar Cover

    Community Pool Service can help keep your pool water warm inexpensively by fitting and installing a custom solar covers on any of your pools. A solar cover works in two […]

  • Lights

    Underwater LED lights

    Underwater lights have many functions. They help keep the pool safe after the sun goes down by allowing people to see the pool and allowing others to see the swimmers […]

  • Safety Covers

    Safety Cover

    Safety covers for pools are very important and provide an added layer of protection against accidents involving your pool when it is not in use. In fact, most insurance companies […]

  • Automation


    A pool automation system is something that checks the water quality consistently throughout the day and night whether someone is on-site or not. A CAT Controller is able to make […]

  • Ozone and UV Systems


    Community Pool Service is able to provide Ozone and UV systems which are great secondary sanitation systems that are among the only ways to rid your pool of Cryptosporidium. Cryptosporidium […]

  • Chlorine Generation

    Chlorine Generation

    Another service offered by Community Pool Service is the installation and maintenance of Chlorine Generation systems. These systems use salt that is added to the pool water to generate chlorine […]

  • Chlorinators


    Chlorine is the most common sanitizer used in swimming pools. Community Pool Service can help you find the best solution for introducing that sanitizer into the pool water. Our service […]

  • Chemicals


    Community Pool Service can offer treatments for your pool water to help keep the water in your pool balanced and free of unwanted items, such as algae growth. Save money, […]

  • ADA Compliance

    ADA Mate Freedom Pool lift

    Does your facility need to comply with the new ADA law that is in effect? Community Pool Service is here to find the right solution for your facility. We are […]

  • Renovations


    Bring your pool back up to its full potential when your pool is no longer holding water after it has been sitting for many years. Many older pools above 20 […]

  • Pool Plumbing

    Pool Plumbing

    Problems occur and sometimes it is necessary to replace existing pool fixtures due to failure, local law and code changes, or decline in performance. Community Pool Service and its trained […]

  • Leak Detection

    Leak Detection

    If your pool is losing water then it may be time to have a highly trained service technician to diagnose your pool and see if the leak can be isolated. […]

  • Caulking


    Caulking around the pool and deck provides protection from water seeping into the expansion joints between sections of concrete or coping which leads to freeze damage in the winter or […]

  • Concrete and Deck Repair

    Concrete Deck After

    Community Pool Service has trained service technicians that can help you get your old flaking, uneven, deteriorated deck replaced when a nice, fresh, level concrete deck. There are even options […]

  • Interior Pool Paint

    Interior Pool Paint

    Has your pool painted been painted before? Has it started to flake, crack or peel? If so, then it is time to have it painted again. Our highly trained service […]

  • Plaster


    The trained professionals at Community Pool Service can help with many issues that sometimes arise in plaster pools. Issues like cracks in the plaster, hollow spots in the plaster and […]

  • Coping and Tile


    Coping are the stones that go around the edge of the pool perimeter and help to separate the deck from the water’s edge. It also creates a safety lip to […]

  • Filter System

    Filter System

    Keeping your filter system running in peak shape is important in order to keep out all the dirt, debris and unwanted items from your pool. Your pool should look inviting […]

  • Pumps

    After pump replacement

    The pool pump is the heart of the system.  If it stops, your clean pool can die.  Community Pool Service is here to help keep your pump running at its […]