Community Pool service can enhance the look, function and safety of your swimming pool facility.

Today’s pools are much more than just a place to swim — they’re also a place to relax, excercise and socialize. Accessorizing properly can meet your swimmers’ individual needs and expectations.

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Lane Ropes

Community Pool Service can help your swim team or aquatics facility acquire new competition lane ropes to replace those dingy old ones. These ropes come in a variety of colors and styles to suit your pools needs.

In most cases, our service technicians can also help repair any issues on your existing competition lane ropes to get your pool ready for your next swim meet, class or practice.

Rail Goods

Community Pool Service is very safety-minded and knows it is important to keep such items as pool ladders, handrails, diving boards, lifeguard chairs and ADA-compliant lifts in the most ideal condition in order to ensure a safe operation.

Our professional service technicians can assess whether there is a need for replacement of such goods at your facility. When replacement is necessary, we can ensure that it has the proper fit and function when installed as originally designed.

Anchors are an important part of proper installation of your rail goods. Equally important is making sure the anchor operates normally and isn’t missing any parts. We can help confirm that all anchors are doing their job correctly in securing all the handrails, ladders and lifeguard chairs.

Underwater Lighting

Underwater lights have many functions. They help keep the pool safe after the sun goes down by allowing people to see the pool and allowing others to see the swimmers. Some underwater pool lights can even change to as many as five different colors to provide that fun atmosphere that goes along with a pool.

New LED underwater lights can even save you money by using much less electricity than their incandescent counterparts. Community Pool Service can help repair your non-functional underwater light. We can even help find the perfect fit for your pool if replacement is necessary.

Safety Covers

Safety covers for pools are very important and provide an added layer of protection against accidents involving your pool when it is not in use. In fact, most insurance companies offer discounts when a safety cover is installed on the pool.

Community Pool Service technicians are trained in the quality installation of new safety covers. We minimize unsightly wrinkles and make sure all anchors are uniformly installed. All anchor points need to be attached when the cover is installed in order for it to maintain ASTM standards for safety pool covers, if not the cover can no longer be considered a safety cover.

Also, our professional service technicians are able to replace any broken or missing cover springs and cover anchors to help maintain that ASTM standard, are able to make repairs to existing mesh safety covers and offer tension adjustment of any safety cover to reduce wear and tear from too much play in the cover.


Community Pool Service can offer you a solution for those wet floors in the bath houses, pool decks, locker room floors, showers, spas or any other place that get wet with Dri-Dek!

Dri-Dek allows water to drain away while providing an anti-slip surface in 12 different optional colors. Dri-Dek also helps get rid of germs with its Oxy-B1 bonded to the primary material, polyvinyl chloride to bring you long-term, permanent protection. Oxy-B1 inhibits a microorganism’s ability to absorb oxygen.