Community Pool Service offers custom pool maintenance service for non-lifeguarded facilities.

At Community Pool Service, we recruit and hire only the best people.  Each candidate is interviewed and assessed for experience, communication skills and work ethic. Standard contracts include:

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Pool Opening

Community Pool Service will remove winter cover, install all ladders and deck equipment, add treatment chemicals to the water, start up the filter system for the swim season.

Bi-weekly/Weekly Cleaning and Water Balancing

We can create a custom service schedule to keep your pool looking great all season. From vacuum and tile scrub to a quick drop in to check all chemical levels… we’ve got you covered!

Winter Visits

Community Pool Service offers complimentary visits during the winter months to check on the water level and equipment and ensure they are at the appropriate levels and protected.

Drain and Clean Services (deep cleaning of pool shell)

From time to time your pool will need a deep clean to remove staining and streaking — let our professionals give your pool an acid bath and bring your plaster back to life.

Pool Closing and Winterization

Once the swim season ends, Community Pool Service will remove all deck equipment, drain all filter equipment, add treatment chemicals, install cover and ensure your pool is ready for the winter.  We will also complete an inventory and repair list for your upcoming season.