Get peace of mind knowing your facility’s pool mechanical systems run correctly, safely and economically.

Community Pool Service provides comprehensive technical support to pool owners, operators, managers, and staff. Because the costs associated with what was once a minor issue can quickly escalate to a major problem, be sure to routinely maintain and excecute prompt mechanical repairs.

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A CAT Controller is able to make sure your pool is ready for you whenever you are ready for a swim by monitoring the chlorine and pH levels constantly and making adjustments as needed. You even have the ability to monitor and manage your pool from the internet. Pool automation means you never have to worry about the water quality of your pool water again.


The pool pump is the heart of your pool and what recirculates the water through your filter.  If it stops, your clean pool can die.  Community Pool Service is here to help keep your pump running at its best so your pool can look its best.  Our service professionals are able to evaluate your pump to find whether it is time for an overhaul service or in some cases replacement.  You can save money with us because sometimes a leak can be fixed by replacing a seal or O-ring instead of buying a new pump.  If a new pump is necessary, we can professionally install it for you.  Another way to save is with Variable Speed Drive motors.  They are able to use less electricity while running longer to help keep your pool cleaner and saving you on your monthly bill.  Need a new starter box for the big commercial motors?  We can handle that too.  We help you find the best solution for any issue that you may have with your pump.

Filter Systems

Keeping your filter system running in peak shape is important in order to keep out all the dirt, debris and unwanted items from your pool. Your pool should look inviting and clean.

Community Pool Service can help you do just that because our professional service technicians can diagnose and troubleshoot problems that any type of filters may have to improve the system, whether its cartridge, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or sand.

We offer services like air bleeder replacement, sand recharge, bulkhead replacement, backwash tank install, cartridge replacement and support of the system lines just to name a few. We can also customize and install new filter systems for renovations or new builds.


Through the use of a heater, the temperature of the pool can be set to what appeals best to swimmers. Community Pool Service has many heater choices to suit countless applications. Our service technicians are highly-trained to provide a quality installation of a new heater at any aquatics facility or home.

For existing heaters that are having issues we can also troubleshoot, diagnose and repair various types of pool heaters. We can also provide regular maintenance to help keep your existing heater running at its peak performance level.

Chlorine Generation

Another service offered by Community Pool Service is the installation and maintenance of Chlorine Generation systems. These systems use salt that is added to the pool water to generate chlorine in the water through electrolysis. These make wonderful secondary sanitation systems and help to reduce the amount of harmful by products of oxidized materials.

Pool Plumbing

Problems occur and sometimes it is necessary to replace existing pool fixtures due to failure, local law and code changes, or decline in performance. Community Pool Service and its trained service technicians are here to help when that time arrives.

We have many years of experience in the replacement or new installation of Main Drains, Skimmers, Equalizers, Returns and fill spout lines. An inline fill line is another option available that can take the place of a fill spout line at the pool side. For new builds we are able to completely customize each aspect of the job to suit the clients individual requests.