Take your pool from a dated or non-functional hole in the ground to an oasis from the everyday for your swimmers.

Many older pools were plumbed with copper and cast iron pool lines that decay over time and may require complete replacement. These should be replaced with modern day materials to ensure continued long life of the pool. Community Pool Service is able to offer pool line replacement for any size pool, whether is a private backyard pool or a large commercial facility.

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Coping and Tile

Coping are the stones that go around the edge of the pool perimeter and help to separate the deck from the water’s edge. It also creates a safety lip to help prevent slipping or falling into the pool. Our professionally trained service technicians can help to repair the coping if it has begun to come loose from the setting or if the grout has started to deteriorate and disappear from between the coping stones. We can also match most existing stones in the event that one or two have broken and need replacement.

Community Pool Service offers a wide variety of stone and tile choices to fit every customers taste when the time is right for complete replacement. We can also repair most issues that may arise with waterline tile. Many varieties of waterline tile are also available through Community Pool Service when replacement is necessary and matching existing tile is important. The complete replacement of waterline tile offers a custom look to each pool.


The trained professionals at Community Pool Service can help with many issues that sometimes arise in plaster pools. Issues like cracks in the plaster, hollow spots in the plaster and delamination of the plaster from the pool shell can be troublesome and an eyesore.

We are able to repair many of these issues, sometimes without draining the pool. We also offer full replacement of the plaster in the pool when the time comes. There are plenty of choices in plaster pools and we are happy to help you make an educated decision on what might work best for your needs.


Caulking around the pool and deck provides protection from water seeping into the expansion joints between sections of concrete or coping which leads to freeze damage in the winter or erosion of dirt from under the deck causing unwanted settling and unevenness.

Community Pool Service provides removal and replacement when the existing caulking has separated or installation on new builds. Sometimes cracks appear and it is important to sawcut and caulk these cracks to prevent the cracks from getting worse or causing the deck to heave or rid the deck of a potential trip hazard.

Leak Detection

If your pool is losing water, it may be time to have a highly trained service technician to see if the leak can be isolated. Water loss can be a costly issue due to excessive use of chemicals, water and underground erosion that can lead to uneven settling or cracking. Community Pool Service has experienced technicians to accurately find and repair leaks whether they are underground or exposed through the use of dye testing, pressure testing lines and evaporation testing under most circumstances. In the event that a pool line has cracked due to freeze damage or settling, our technicians are able to repair or replace the bad section of pipe with a minimal facility impact.