Our experienced, qualified team can help you to meet regulations and the needs of your patrons.

Safety is the primary concern at any swimming pool facility — the health of your swimmers depend on it. Community Pool Service recommends a proactive approach to avoid health and safety hazards.

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Community Pool Service can offer treatments for your pool water to help keep the water in your pool balanced and free of unwanted items, such as algae growth. Save money, our treatments can cut down your costs by reducing chlorine usage, help the filters work longer and more efficiently and help make your pool cleaner and more enjoyable. We can help you prevent stains from forming in your pool or if you already have a stain, we offer treatments that can remove stains without having to drain the pool in most cases.

Concrete and Deck Repair

Community Pool Service has trained service technicians that can help you get your old flaking, uneven, deteriorated deck replaced with a nice, fresh, level concrete deck. There are even options to have a design stamped into the concrete to add another layer of depth to your pool side decor. If drainage is your issue, Community Pool Service is able to add deck drains to your existing concrete deck so it will always be clear of standing water and help reduce the likelihood of slips or falls.

ADA Compliance

Does your facility need to comply with the new ADA laws? Community Pool Service is here to find the right solution for your facility. We are educated about ADA compliant lifts, sloped entires, transfer walls and transfer systems. Let our professionals assist you in determining the best solution to give you peace of mind and be confident in your ADA compliance.


When you need someone to help you close your pool down for the winter, think of Community Pool Service and our professional service technicians. We can lower your water level for the winter, add chemicals to help keep the water clear during the off-season, install your existing safety cover and winterize your pool lines and filter system to help prevent any freeze damage during the winter.

Winter care is an easy way to save money on opening costs and allows you to maintain the structural integrity of your pool for longer periods of time.